National Conference “Connecting Central Asia: Opportunities and Challenges”

Centre of Central Asian Studies

University of Kashmir, Srinagar


(2-Day National Conference, November, 01-02, 2022)

Connecting Central Asia: Opportunities and Challenges”


Concept Note

The Centre of Central Asian Studies is scheduled to organize a Two Day National Conference entitled "Connecting Central Asia: Opportunities and Challenges” on 1st& 2nd November 2022.

The conference shall look into India-central Asia Relations from a historical perspective and discuss how these relations shaped the two entities from ancient to modern times. Debating Central Asia in the Two Day National Conference may open up new ways to look at the past, present, and future of this region that was profoundly rich and interconnected.


Justification for holding the conference

Given the proposed theme, the deliberations will primarily focus on the issues regarding different aspects of literature, art & culture, economy, polity, etc. that shall widen our understanding of the socio-cultural similarities between India and Central Asia; and help us devote attention to the ways and means for developing closer collaboration in future.  At present, the Government of India's "Connect Central Asia Policy", as the experts believe, is a broad-based approach, which includes cultural, political, economic, and security engagements and collaborations. What is more important is that the Policy emphasizesexchanges between youth and the future leaders of India and central Asia; and also encourage the regular exchange of scholars, academicians, civil society, and youth delegations to gain deeper insights into each other's cultures.

In the end, the conference will pass resolutions and make recommendations about the issues deliberated upon including the above-mentioned "Connect Central Asia Policy” as researchers and experts in varied fields throughout the country want to 'extract'  a lot from this Policy. The recommendations and the resolutions passed in this regard will be sent to the relevant quarters for consideration.


The areas of inquiry shall include but are not limited to the following sub-themes:

  • Economy, Society, and Geo-Politics
  • Routes, Transportation, and Connectivity
  • Religion, Literature, and Cultural Diplomacy
  • History and Archaeology
  • Literature and Cultural Diplomacy

Any other topic directly related to the broad theme of the conference that is not covered in the sub-themes.

Proposed Seminar Design

This seminar will be held for two full days and shall be divided into six sessions including an Inaugural and Valedictory Session. Each session will be led by several expert panelists who will give short presentations followed by an interactive discussion with comments and questions from the audience. The discussion will be followed by concluding remarks from the moderator. Active involvement of research scholars, educators, academicians, and students of History, Economics, Sociology, Political Science, Language& Literature, and Religious Studies are invited to participate in the seminar.

Important Dates

Last Date of Submission of the Abstract: 25th September 2022

Last Date of Submission of Full Paper:  20th October 2022