On-going Individual Research Projects

     Assigned by the Centre

S. No. Faculty Member Title
1 Prof. G. M. Mir Geo-politics of Routes, Resources and Relations: A Contradictional Model Emerging in Central Asia
2 Prof. Mushtaq A. Kaw i)       Socio-economic Conditions of the Peoples of Chinese Turkistan: A Case Study of Khotan, Yarkand and Kashgar (Based on Travel Accounts)
ii)      Trade Relations of Kashmir with Chinese Turkistan
3 Prof. G. R. Jan Editing and  Translation of Tuhfatul-Ahbab, Vol. II
4 Dr. Aijaz A. Bandey A Catalogue of Antiquities in the Central Asian Museum, Vol. II
5 Dr. G. N. Khaki i)       Jadeedism in Central Asia
ii)     The Spread of Islam in Post-Soviet Central Asia
6 Dr. M. R. Makhdumi Status of Islam in Kazakhstan
7 Dr. Darakhshan Abdullah Social Transformation of Women in Uzbekistan.
8 Dr. Tareak A. Rather Agrarian Transformation in Uzbekistan: A Sociological Study
9 Dr. M. Afzal Mir Developmental Potential of Uzbekistan
10 Dr. Tabasum Firdous Political Reforms in Uzbekistan
11 Dr. A. Rauf Shah Impact of Environmental Factors on Principal Crop Production of  Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan
12 Dr. Afaq Aziz Influence of Zoroastrianism on Kashmiri Culture
13 Dr. Wahid Nasaru “Kathasaritsagar” as a Source of Information on Kashmir’s Relations with Central Asia and Adjoining Areas.
14 Mr. Fayaz A. Lone Central Asia on the World Wide Web (www)
15 Dr. Sheikh Talal China’s Policy Towards the Muslims of Eastern Turkistan Since 2000 AD
16 Dr. Mushtaq A. Halwai Social Consequences of Urbanization -  A Case Study of Leh
17 Dr. Suraya Gul Islam and Feminism: A Case Study of Post Revolutionary Iran