Since the inception of Central Asian Studies in the university establishment in 1978, it has gained name & fame on national and international level on the performance of the research activities carried over on the thrust area it was putforth on the list of area studies in 1983. It has grown from level-III to the highest level-I during the past 28 years. It is considered one of the pioneer centre’s of the country. Its need was under scored by the Prime Minister of India, Mr. A.B. Vajpayee in his 16th Convocational address at Kashmir University. The centre has achieved certificate of appreciation for the year 2007-08. 

Central Asian Museum:

The main aim of Central Asian Musuem is to house artifacts related to Central Asia so that a general view of the region is to presened visually. accordingly artifacts, art objects like sculptures, terracotta, coins, textile items, ethnographical articles, mansucripts etc. are housed in the gallaries of the musuem. Number of foriegn and local vistorspay a visit to the musuem daily and appreciate its collection and display.

Research Projects:

The Centre conducts research through individual and integrated research projects sponsored by the state and different funding agencies such as UGC, Ministry of External Affairs, etc. These projects are based on historical and empirical studies and the findings thereof have been recognised by policy planners of India and abroad. So far 70 research projects have been completed by the faculty. Presently 24 individual projects are in hand and 4 are of joint venture.
     Research Projects completed
        a)    Collaborative Projects:
               i.  “Al-Khwarizmi’s Map of the World, Based on Kitab Surat Al-Ard”
                    (in collaboration with Tajikistan Academy of Science, Dushambe)

               ii.  “Life and Works of Mirza Haider Daughlati”

                    (in collaboration with Ch.Ch. Valikhanov Institute of Ethnolgy and History Kazakhstan)
         b)   Individual Research Project Completed assigned by the Centre. (view details)

     Ongoing Research Projects:

         a)    Individual Research Projects assigned by the Centre. (view details)

         b)    Interdisciplinary Project of the Centre

         “Silk Route: Relevance and Revival”

          (Three phases have been completed)

  c)   Individual Research Project funded by MEA, Govt. of India to Prof. Mushtaq A. Kaw

         “Identifying Cultural Similarities between Kashmir and Tajikistan”

   d)    Individual Project Funded by UGC, Govt. of India to Prof. Mushtaq A. Kaw.

          “Documenting and Preserving Religious Structures in Jammu & Kashmir” 

M. Phil. and Ph.D.:

The Centre’s Research agenda is also fulfilled through a number of research projects assigned to scholars of the Centre for the pursuit of M. Phil and Ph. D degrees. The Centre has produced a substantial number of scholars. Most of awarded scholars have been absorbed in the higher education and administration of the state. (view list of awardees scholars)
Archaeological Explorations:

Explorations and excavations carried out by the faculty also contribute to the accomplishment of research agenda of the centre. The findings thereof are reported and published by the Centre and Archaeological Survey of India.

Publications of the Centre:

The research projects conducted by the faculty are regularly published by the Centre for the dissemination of knowledge and feed back to subject experts, academia and policy planners. By this way, the Centre, to little or large extent, contributes to the regional and global academic ambiance. In addition, the faculty publicizes its research out- put through publications in reputed national and international journals. Till date 43 research projects have been published including three seminar/conference proceedings. The centre recently published Report on Silk Route Expedition, Phase-III. (view publications of the CCAS)


To facilitate the job of the faculty for field work in Central Asian states, and organise joint research projects, publications, conferences, besides faculty and student exchange programmes, the Centre inked several MoUs with most prestigious research institutes/universities of China, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Our progress is further evident by the number of MoUs we have signed. During past 5 years our Centre has signed 5 MoUs for academic cooperation and international coordination. (view brief detail)
Seminars & Conferences:

In order to provide common platform for intellectual discourse and allow the faculty to interact with eminent national and international scholars for exposure and up gradation of knowledge in the field of research, the Centre has been constantly holding International Conferences with participation from Central Asian countries, China, Japan, Korea, US, France, Germany, Netherlands, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, etc, Indian participants apart. The progress of the activities of the Centre is also projected by the number of National Seminars we have organized. (view theme and date of seminars/conference)
Guest Lectures:

The Centre has been in the process of inviting reputed scholars for guest lectures on historical and current issues of the Eurasian region.  

Journal of Central Asian Studies:

In continuation to the ongoing research agenda, the Centre has been uninterruptedly publishing annually The Journal of Central Asian Studies for the past 20 years. It has an international Editorial Board and is acclaimed across the world for its quality, style and   content. Of late, this refereed Journal is also on line available through a reputed US publishing organisation called EBSCO. The centre also published its 25thvolume of Central Asian Digest. (view editorial board).