The Study Region of Centre of Central Asian Studies comprises on Central Asian states viz. Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan & Tajikistan; Chinese Central Asia. Xinjiang & Tibet; Mongolia; Indian part of Central Asia like Kashmir & Ladakh; Afghanistan; North Western Province of Pakistan; Iran and Azerbaijan.


To explore the possibilities for reviving and improving the age-old relations between India & Central Asia and strengthen regional cooperation for our mutual benefits.



To provide a platform for creating and enhancing intellectual space for inter-disciplinary research and inter-faith dialogue in order to promote better understanding between India and Central Asia.


The core components of our mission are:

·         To reap Central Asian past for its future development.

·         To provide a platform which can attract Centres of Excellence and Academics of 
          Repute to contribute towards the pursuit of socially relevant research.

·         To address the contemporary problems and emerging regional issues.

·         To consolidate periodically our research output and necessary policy inputs for 
          submission to Ministry of External Affairs, GOI and other relevant agencies.

Thrust Areas:

a.    Silk Route Revival.

b.    Resource Management.

c.    History and Culture.

d.    Regional Cooperation.

e.    International Relations.

f.     Socio-economic Transformation.

g.    Environmental Degradation.

h.   Trade.

i.     Religious Revivalism.

j.     Insurgency.